Monday, 27 January 2014

journaling on a cold snowy day

This has been one of the coldest Januarys in a very long time, lots of snow too. It was like this when I was a child, back then it was exciting but not now! To cold and snowy to go out so here is how I spent my day.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Soul Food class 5 with Jeanette House

I made this my own, so to speak, We were to make a page with weaving of papers and then place something on top of the weave. Well I took it a little farther. I decided to use the weave in the hat. I really love it.

Soul Food class 4 with Grace Howes

In this class we made and bound our own journal book out of watercolor paper. This was my first time ever doing this, I think I will start to make my own journals from now on! Love this! This is the front cover with a flap.

Soul Food class 3 with Cathy Bluteau

Love Cathy's work I have taken other classes of hers. It is a fun whimsical art that I love to do when I just want to have fun.

My second Soul Food class with Gwenn Seemel

This class I really loved , because she showed how to sketch in pen and marked. I have stayed away from sketching in pen because there is no earacing, that is it mistake and all. Well Gwenn showed how you can fix things with marker with out it looking like a fix. So here is my drawing.

January 15 2014

I have started my year with my word involved , I have just started two year long mixed media classes, the first Soul Food 2014 and the second Life Book 2014, I am so pleased with both classes of great teachers. I should be plenty involved this year in my art world. Here is my first class with Soul Food   teacher Mystele Kirkeeng.