Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Painting Faces Over Collage Video

I have a new video for painting faces over collage. This is a great way to get fast and realistic faces painted without drawing, So all you beginners out there that would love a great looking face without the worry of drawing this is for you, and anyone else that would like a faster way to get a great looking face.

This is the finished page

Monday, 10 March 2014

Soul Food and Life Book class Work

Wow , how time flies. March already. I have been arting to my hearts content. Here are some of the journal pages I have done.
This was lesson 16 in Soul Food. Using acrylic paint like water color. Many layers to get the depth in the fish. I do love the look you get and I plan on trying this again.

This is for  Soul Food #14

This one is a Life Book page with a hidden page on it. done with collaged napkins and paper, Then some paint and pen work.

Collage page and face paint over lesson with Life Book 2014

A collage page and face paint over with Soul Food class.